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Swagger Inn Pub Co Ltd

Swagger Inn Pub Co Ltd is diverse group of venues, with a passion for outstanding experience, unwind with us today

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A waterfront restaurant and bar experience situated at the Tauranga Bridge Marina. World class views and dining awaits.


This iconic Irish Pub is located in the Mount and is popular for its great ales, food and free function room.


Located next to the Tauranga Marina, this cafe is a true gem of the cafe culture in Tauranga.


One of the key focusses for us at Swagger Inn is having venues that people love to spend time at. Each of our venues is unique and offers something different, but the one thing in common with each is they provide a comfortable relaxed experience.

GREAT FOOD & Beverages

We employ the best chefs to ensure an outstanding standard of food across our venues. Fresh, local ingredients are prepared to perfection so you are guaranteed a beautiful meal every time. We also constantly change our beverage portfolio with international wines, beers & spirits, not forgetting our outstanding local offers.


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We are always on the look out for great staff that will provide excellent service and fit in well with our "customer first" culture.

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